My Name is Metro...

I used to be a pretty good racehorse, but I ran until my knees gave out. I was only given a year left to live, before detrimental bone growth locked up my knees. But I was adopted off the track by and artist. He watched the way I bobbed my head in excitement, and stuck a paintbrush in my mouth. Soon my new found vocation got me appearances on the Today Show, Good Morning America, I was in People Magazine, and Orpah Magazine. Yes, that Oprah. There is a book written about me, a documentary, and even Hollywood has a feature film in the works. And I have a big ego. Really big.

My paintings help save my life and the lives of other horses. 50% of the proceeds from my paintings are donated to New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program. The rest goes to my care and the expensive knee treatments that keep my knees from locking up. Please help save me and other horses by buying my paintings.

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"Painting with Metro"

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Autographed prints by Metro.

Metro drops the paintbrush and picks up a sharpie in his mouth to sign each and every one of these prints.

Listing is for one 8x10" print.

$25 each. Available on Etsy.

See video of Metro signing the prints